Virtual Coaching Clinics

Virtual coaching clinics afford students the opportunity to engage in active learning processes in an online environment. Coaching clinics utilize two types of active learning processes: collaborative learning and case-based learning.

  • Collaborative learning refers to any instructional method in which students work together in small groups toward a common goal. Collaborative learning values diverse perspectives and creative processes that generate novel and useful ideas.
  • Case-Based Learning (CBL) is a learner-centered instructional approach where factually based, complex problems are used to stimulate discussion and collaborative analysis. CBL involves the interactive exploration of realistic situations for which there is often no single correct solution.

Groups of four or five students are paired with an experienced and trained coach during each block of the program. These groups meet virtually using a web conferencing tool for two-hour synchronous sessions, three or four times during the block. Clinics are recorded to support asynchronous learning and video-based coaching.

Our alumni have praised the value of coaching clinics for:

  • Supporting knowledge transfer and retention of face-to-face class room learning.
  • Expanding teaching practice and techniques.
  • Significantly increasing comfort, confidence, and skills with online teaching and learning.
  • Affording the opportunity to learn from others about their projects and how others approach teaching and learning projects and responsibilities.
  • Maintaining and developing connections with cohort and small group classmates between face-to-face sessions.
  • Improving educational projects at home institutions.


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