Academic Blocks and Master's Capstone

The Med Ed program consists of four blocks: Learning and Technology, Educational Research, Leadership, and Master’s Capstone. Blocks are conducted in an executive format, utilizing on-site classes over long weekends, independent study, and online sessions. Each block incorporates a project and themes that extend over the course of the semester. The Med Ed program is designed for adult learners: it is active, engaging and experiential and provides the newest thinking and scholarship in a variety of learning formats.

Learning and Technology

This block provides the fundamentals of learning theory, evidence-based learning, design of curriculum and learning environments, and effectively applying emerging technology in medical education. This intensive educational experience is designed to equip participants with the knowledge, skills and experiences they need to become expert educators as well as educational resources for their home institutions.

Educational Research

The Med Ed program is committed to increasing the quality of research in medical education. The program is designed for medical and healthcare educators who recognize that educational scholarship is a rapidly growing field, continuous learning and innovation are essential, and assessment of programs is a must.  During this block, the participants will learn how basic research techniques, such as developing a research question, gathering useful data in innovative ways, preparing data for analysis, and employing qualitative and quantitative methodologies, can support outstanding medical education research.


Today, everyone needs to be a leader. This is particularly true for medical and healthcare professionals who work in ever-changing complex environments. The Med Ed program will support students in the development of competencies that leaders need, including emotional intelligence, critical thinking skills, managing power and influence, and inspiring and motivating others in complex organizational environments.

Master’s Capstone

During the final block, participants will participate in two on-campus seminars as well as working remotely with the assistance of faculty to identify the scope of their master's capstone project or paper. This is a highly personalized experience, enabling students to study and engage with a topic that is relevant to their work. Typical projects have included the development of a pilot learning program, video and/or technology-enhanced learning sessions, and the preparation of a paper for publication.

Each of the blocks last four months, are sequential, and cannot be taken simultaneously.

Virtual Coaching Clinics (throughout)

Clinic time is an essential part of teaching and learning in medical education, and coaching supports knowledge retention and skill acquisition. By harnessing technology, the Med Ed program provides students with small group teaching and learning experiences in the virtual world, overseen by experienced and trained coaches. Our virtual coaching clinics are coordinated with each of the four blocks of the program, and there are three or four clinics per block. The clinics hone students’ online teaching abilities and collaborative learning skills, and help students in completing their block assignments. 


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Perelman School of Medicine

The University of Pennsylvania is the oldest and one of the finest medical schools in the United States. Penn is rich in tradition and heritage and at the same time consistently at the forefront of new developments and innovations in medical education and research. Since its founding in 1765 the School has been a strong presence in the community and prides itself on educating the leaders of tomorrow in patient care, biomedical research, and medical education. Read More

Children's Hospital of Pennsylvania

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